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Below are the Proximity Health Reports, Data Products, and Podcasts which are part of your company's license access.

Primary Research Report- Using quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews with oncology pharmacists, this report dives into topics of organizational structure and management trends of oncology drugs in Integrated Delivery Networks.

Data Sheets- Contains data gathered during primary research for our Annual Survey Reports: 1) IDN DataSet tool contains all the data from the IDNs participating in our Annual Survey in a searchable format- characterize and group IDNs based on specific properties 2) Physician Database contains hospital names and addresses along with names of employed/ affiliated medical oncologists associated with participating IDNs

Podcasts- Conversations with industry experts topics ranging from Treatment Pathway development to participation in Value Based Care.

Landscape Overview- An annual look at what is shaping the healthcare industry and delivery of oncology therapeutics. Topics range from provider/ payer consolidation, specialty pharmacy and 340B, value based care, policy updates and more

Special Topic Report- Reports feature a deep dive into topics of client interest.

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