Engaging with Integrated Customer Organizations

We elevate understanding between life science companies and providers

Our report series, Oncology Customer Insights, provides data and insights into both the shifting provider incentives and evolving organizational developments within Integrated Delivery Networks and Community practices from an oncology-focused perspective

To learn how your provider organization can obtain our data and participate in our research initiatives click on the link below

Who We Are

The Proximity Health team has decades of experience working with and supporting oncology-focused providers & life science client companies. Our core areas of expertise include market access, modeling, practice economics, and clinical value positioning.

Whether you’re an employee with a life-science company developing cancer treatments, or you are a member of a provider or payer organization managing care for cancer patients, please feel free to browse our site.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or require additional information on how Proximity Health provides meaningful support to our many clients across the country, contact us below.

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