Our Approach

We believe in deep engagement with our clients, both providers and industry. Methodologies include financial and secondary data analysis, an annual quantitative survey with oncology pharmacists & medical oncologists who have managerial responsibilities, and deep qualitative follow-up including one-on-one interviews, site visits, and online focus groups.

HMP Market Access Insights also gains valuable, real-world insights from our strategic work with our pro-bono oncology group practice regarding the current business environment, as well as the potential impact of alternative payment models on their practice.

Finally, all of our work is vetted by the entire HMP Market Access Insights team and by our Principal, Lee Blansett, and by an advisory board of health care professionals, all of whom bring executive experience in provider organizations and manufacturers.

Our Offerings


The healthcare landscape is changing at a rapid pace and is full of experiments, pilots, and unintended consequences. Our syndicated landscapes, beginning with Oncology Customer Insights: Integrated Delivery Networks and Oncology Drug Management, combine our deep domain expertise with focused research methodologies. Clients gain highly actionable insights from both our research findings and frequent interaction with our team.

  • Deliverables are presented in multiple formats including syndicated reports, quantitative survey datasets, and an exclusive podcast series.
  • HMP Market Access Insights also segments 100+ unique IDNs each year according to our proprietary process below



Despite increasing competition from IDNs, almost half of oncology care is still delivered in the community setting. Practicing in the community setting is attractive to oncologists who want more control; however, with this responsibility comes a host of financial and operational challenges. We help you better understand this critical customer segment through a combination of primary research with community oncologists and secondary research covering the latest community trends..

  • Annual survey of 100+ oncologists; practices are segmented based on market share, managerial effectiveness, and payer contracting
  • Supplementary demographic dataset of top community oncology practices
  • Landscape report covering key trends affecting community practices
  • Podcasts delivered throughout the year